1st EILO * International Congress – Amsterdam

The 1st International Congress of Interior Designers was a great success with more than 250 participants from 20 different countries, all gathered to exchange knowledge and discover new perspectives.
The workshop: GreenWalls for Interior Landscaping “caught the public’s attention. Inspired by the accelerated development of the demand for green walls, Walter de Bie from the company GreenPlus and representative of the French organization presented a complete inventory of the different European systems of green walls for the interior by comparing and studying the advantages and disadvantages. , costs and viability of each concept.
* EILO The European Interior Landscape Organization is made up of national professional organizations of interior landscapers in five European countries: eFIG (England), SVIR (Norway and Sweden), SNPI (France), FvRH (Germany) and VHG (Country -Low).
The aim of EILO is to promote the interior landscaping sector and to stimulate professionals in the exchange of information and knowledge. This first congress was a very encouraging example.