Well-being through plants

An instinctive link between humans and other living organisms.
The first studies carried out by Doctor Wolverton of NASA have since been consolidated by all those carried out around the world and according to each country’s own program.
And the results all converge on the same conclusion!

Plants purify the stale air in confined spaces

This indoor pollution is characterized by the emanation of toxic products from building materials, cleaning products, etc. An injection of these products in an enclosed space only populated with green plants is reduced by 80% in 24 hours under the purifying action of plants.

The impact on creativity, motivation, performance, well-being is very real.

Interior landscaping is today becoming a biological necessity combining beauty and utility. And the companies that have chosen green investment bear witness to this:

  • Enhancement of their brand image,
  • Significant improvement in the well-being of their employees, resulting in:
    • A decrease in stress and fatigue,
    • Better creativity.
  • An observation of the decrease in absenteeism as well as a clear decrease in chronic health disorders (respiratory disorders, tingling of the eyes, skin irritation …)

Your interior landscaper is there to advise you.

Invite nature into your living spaces