Moss Fashion®

Moss Fashion® : The moss panel

Design, fashion, ecological, acoustic… innovate your interiors with Moss Fashion® by Green Plus.

Can be combined with any type of interior, this concept gives life to a unique style and can be transformed into vertical walls, decorative paintings, works of art, advertising panels, logo … etc…

Made of 100% natural moss (reindeer moss)

The panels by Green Plus are sustainable,
Without or with very little maintenance: depending on the humidity, only an occasional spray can be useful to maintain it’s smooth texture.
Acoustics: the resonance and echo of a room are considerably attenuated thanks to its phonic characteristics, thus creating a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere in your interiors.
Adaptable * to all your desires, modular …
* only direct sunlight exposure should be avoided as its color could be affected

Colors :

9 standard colors
10 optional colors (on order and according to specific conditions)

Dimensions :

Custom dimensions achievable according to prior study

Framing :

Standard frame: anodized aluminum strip
Specific choice according to prior study

Examples of panels