Green walls

Your vertical garden!

Designed with recyclable and innovative materials, the patented Modulogreen® plant walls provide plantations with a sustainable and airy growing medium and whose high water retention power allows significant water savings.
Thermal, sound insulation, lightness, tightness and modularity are also strong points of its characteristics. Durable, ecological, aesthetic, the Modulogreen® green walls combine with all types of architecture and decoration, both indoors and out.

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Outdoor plant walls

In polypropylene reinforced with fiberglass, waterproof, robust, light, modular, the patented Modulogreen® green walls can be installed on any type of surface offset from the facade thanks to a load-bearing structure composed of aluminum profile and using suitable screws.

Indoor plant walls

Decorative element, atmosphere creator or vegetal work of art, your vertical garden can be made to measure, in perfect integration of your interior.
Up-to-date using, if you wish, any type of depolluting plants for your assured well-being.

Movable plant walls

On a self-supporting structure, single or double-sided, installed as a workstation separation, a screen or for your event decorations, the removable plant partition adapts to all your wishes by using depolluting plants for your well-being.