Modulogreen® Vertical Solutions

The patented Modulogreen® Vertical Solutions technique offers honeycomb modules to create plant walls indoors and outdoors.

The Modulogreen® vertical garden concept receives a large amount of substrate (approximately 4 liters / plant), which allows the roots of the plants to be developed and a wide variety of plants, aromatics and shrubs to be used.

Made from polypropylene with fiberglass, the modules have a high resistance to climate change as well as root pressure. The modules are fixed to an aluminum chassis, made of composite materials or wood and anchored to the support wall. The installation principle allows the creation of an air space between the wall and the plant structure, thus avoiding the risk of contamination of the supports and also protecting the wall against erosion of time. The Modulogreen® concept also makes it possible to install insulation between the support wall and the plant structure.

Download the Modulogreen® technical file

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